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About Us

Hamptons Psychological Assessments, PLLC begins with a thorough evaluation of a client's needs, which can range from academic difficulties, school related issues, work related issues, behavioral concerns, parenting assistance and/or social/emotional issues. After the evaluation is completed the client will be given targeted recommendations in order to facilitate a comprehensive, yet specific treatment approach. This includes a feedback session and, when necessary, a detailed and comprehensive written report. In order to provide our clients with the best treatment plan approach, Hamptons Psychological Assessments, PLLC collaborates with school psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychiatric nurse practitioners, social workers, behavior specialists, speech pathologists, and reading and math specialists. Hamptons Psychological Assessments, PLLC provides high-rated recommendations for further treatment within a licensed network of professionals.

Hamptons Psychological Assessments, PLLC provides clients with professional answers to frustrating questions. These may be questions revolving around a child or an adolescent such as academic, social, family or peer related issues. Furthermore, adult clients often seek assistance to determine why they may be struggling at work, with family members, with loved ones, or with life's demands.


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