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Family Therapy

Every family is a unique system of people, with its own structure, values, and goals. However, at times, various family dynamics and life stressors can result in conflict and tension. Family therapy can provide a safe environment to discuss these issues and concerns and to improve on skills in order to work together as a team. In family counseling, no one individual is the "patient"; rather, the entire family works to change their patterns and every family member be heard and supported. Some common struggles families experience are child behavioral problems, loss of a loved one, blending families and step parenting, divorce, substance abuse, eating disorders, or coping with other mental health issues. Family therapy can also provide family members with a better understanding of other family member's perspectives, an increase in empathy, an increase in communication skills, an increase in structure to allow for quality time and an ability to work together as a team. Often, family therapy is a helpful addition to family members' individual therapy. Hamptons Psychological Assessments, PLLC strives to connect with each member of the family and work to change the family dynamic to strengthen healthy family relationships, improve communication, and reduce conflict.

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