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Parent-Child Therapy

Some issues such as temper tantrums, anger and aggression, and other behavioral problems in children are best addressed through parent-child therapy. When children struggle with behavioral difficulties, it can be hard to remain calm and positive in your daily interactions while parenting them. Often these children hear statements such as "no" or "stop" all day through school and at home. Children often internalize these messages as meaning that they are negative or bad. This method of therapy strives improve communication between parents and their child leading to improved self-esteem and an improved relationship. We will also help you learn specific parenting techniques to address the difficulties that your child presents with so that their behavior improves while preserving their positive feelings about themselves. Hamptons Psychological Assessments, PLLC will tailor treatment to best serve the needs of you and your child, combining individual child therapy, individual parent training, and combined parent-child therapy.

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